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Concierge Services Inc.

Peace of Mind.

3436 Marinatown Lane Suite 10 Ft. Myers, FL 33904



Additional Services 


? Stock refrigerator and/or freezer as requested or running errands. $25.00 per hour plus cost of groceries

? Water and feed interior and exterior plants per instructions.$10.00

? Start idle, stored vehicles and drive if insured. $10.00 per month vehicle checked weekly outside, inside visual inspection.

? Key service for outside contractors—provides access to property for insurance agents. Local contractors, service repairmen. Cleaning services, or other on site service providers. Lock box fee $10.00 per week.

? Monitor to see that service provider’s work is done properly. $25.00 per hour

? Digital photographic e-mail reporting of new construction. $20.00 per visit

? Serve as security alarm notification agent. $40.00 working hours 8-5, $65.00 after working hours, weekends and Holidays

? Answering security alarm calls 24-7.(see above)

? Arrange for cleaners inside. Power washing lanais. Exteriors, roofs, driveways and walkways. Window cleaning in and out.

? Permanent Hurricane shutter’s closed or opened. $15.00

? Panels installed. $65.00 per hour per man

? Mail forwarding $8.00 per month plus postage

? Cleaning services – $100.00 and up

? Handyman services.
? Pre-storm inspections with photos for insurance purposes. $30.00 1st hour plus $20.00 per hour for additional time.? Post-storm inspections with photos for you and your insurance company. $30.00 for 1st hour, $20.00 per hour after.

? Airport pick-up / drop off $35.00 (Lee & collier county)

? Check and replenish salt water purifier as needed. $30.00 plus salt.

? Manage and take care of problems for owners who rent their homes. $30.00 per hour

? Closing your home: We include this in our monthly pricing. Most other home watch companies charge $50.00 extra

Shut water outside.

Shut hot water breaker.

Turn air to 60% humidity and thermostat to 76.

Empty ice maker and shut off.

Dispose of garbage if any

Make sure all doors and windows are secured.


? Opening your home:  We include this in our monthly pricing. Most other home watch companies charge $50.00 extra

Turn on water.

Turn on air-conditioning,

Turn on hot water tank.

Synchronize clocks in Kitchen.

Turn outside light on if coming in after dark.


We can customize any additional services to your needs, so give us a call and will gladly get started.